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Easy as cake e-mail sending from your Node.js applications

E-mail sending module for Node.js

Nodemailer is an easy to use module to send e-mails with Node.JS (using SMTP or sendmail or Amazon SES or even your own method) and is unicode friendly - You can use any characters you like ✔

Supported features

  • Unicode to use any characters
  • HTML content as well as plain text alternative
  • Attachments (including attachment streaming for sending larger files)
  • Embedded images in HTML
  • SSL/STARTTLS for secure e-mail delivery
  • Different transport methods - SMTP, sendmail, Amazon SES or directly to recipients MX server or even a custom method
  • SMTP Connection pool and connection reuse for rapid delivery
  • Preconfigured services for using SMTP with Gmail, Hotmail etc.
  • Use objects as header values for SendGrid SMTP API
  • XOAUTH2 authentication and token generation support - useful with Gmail
  • DKIM signing

What about Windows support?

Nodemailer is Windows friendly, you can install it with npm on Windows just like any other module, there are no compiled dependencies. Use it from Azure or from your Windows box hassle free

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